YCA e-Learning

YCA e-Learning : e-Learning Management System

  • Enterprise Strategic Planning
  • Adopting Lean Paradigm
  • Focus on Continous Improvement
  • Developing Lean Structure

Ease of carrying out the audit​

The data flow of every audit is a simple, organised and can be tracked easily. Audits can be assigned to employees to give them reminders to carry out audits. As employee engagement increases so does the productivity.​

Builds a Stronger Brand​

With this app, you’ll be able demonstrate to your employees why they should trust you by showing them what your brand stands for. The more your employees trusts you, the more likely they’ll be to listen to company communication and even commit to your brand.​

Share reports with coworkers​

Data and charts are collated and auto generated to enable the user and management to see live data and data trends at an instant. The users can forward these reports to other personal or company mail accounts.

Reports and Charts​

At the end of every audit, a report summary as well a trend chart is generated. Summary reports enable users to scroll through and view previous audit results and data. Employees can see audits that have been completed or missed.​

WDGLL & Red Tag ​

What Does Good Look Like (WDGLL) and Red Tag photos can be easily accessed to refer which enables referencing to the known standards. All red tagged photos are stored in the red tag library for easier access. ​

Safe working environment​

It focuses on identifying hazards and setting preventive controls to keep workers safe during work operations. Use a digital safety checklist to identify common warehouse and manufacturing hazards.​

Lean Transition Solution