Maximus:Inegrated ERP System

Maximus:Inegrated ERP System

  • Integration​
  • Data Analysis​
  • Automation​
  • Reporting​
  • Customer Relationship Management​
  • Tracking and Visibility​


ERP provides a fully-integrated, intuitive platform through which you can analyse, monitor and conduct the majority of data-driven tasks. Through a single database, ERP collects, stores and analyses data across all departments. This ensures seamless communication within your organization.

 Data  Analysis

With this app, you’ll be able demonstrate to your employees why they should trust you by showing them what your brand stands for. The more your employees trusts you, the more likely they’ll be to listen to company communication and even commit to your brand.​


Automating your processes can also reduce human error. Automation allows data to be sent from one part of the system to another, without any chance of error. 


ERP provides detailed reports that are intuitive, actionable and relevant. Additionally, it allows complete traceability, ensuring every error, inconsistency and questionable process can be traced, corrected and prevented.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a great option for companies whose customer base has become too large for spreadsheets. Spreadsheets work well until you find yourself spending more time updating it than actually using it to find information. CRMs within an ERP centralize customer information, allowing for quick access when working with other parts of the system.

Tracking and Visibility

 ERP system have the technology to track finished products as well as raw materials from manufacture to delivery. ERP allows users to track information. This includes sales, production statistics, staff productivity and more. 

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