JDI: Maintanance Automation App

JDI: Maintanance Automation App

  • Solve the issues at the local level.
  • Easy to allocate and assign JDI tasks to employees.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Conduct Health and Safety Audits.
  • Analysis of Root cause and faults.
  • Handle the data of resources for doing the task.
  • Provision to share image, video and audio files.
  • Live chat option to discuss the issue and to take corrective action.
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

  • Determining Risk Severity

JDI helps in analysing risk in doing a task. If it is a highly risky process, we can give a notification to the admin and stop doing the task.

  • Analysing the assigned task.
  • Create awareness about the risk involved in doing the task.
  • Giving notification to the admin.
Health and Safety Audit

Health and Safety Audit

  • Health and safety Matrix
  • Assessing the severity of risk
  • Probability of risk
  • Health and Safety Observation

JDI conducts Health and safety audit before doing the task. Health and safety matrix assesses the various risks of hazards (and incidents), occurs while doing a task. Analysing the risk factor and manage risk effectively and reduce hazards. Using this matrix we can assess the severity of the risk and the probability of risk that can occur while doing the task.

  • Discover and identify the potential hazards.
  • Safety Management.
  • Reduce the risk factor in doing the task.
  • Improve employee awareness.
  • Improve employee performance.
Live chat Option

Live chat Option

  • Identifying the problem
  • Action Applied

JDI has a live chat option. Using the live chat option we can analyse the problem and suggest a better solution to solve the problem. Here we can attach images, video and audio files as proof and it helps to enhance transparency.

  • Easy identification of the problem.
  • Real-Time solutions.
  • Transparency
  • Option to attach images, audio and video files.
Handle the data of resource for doing the task

Handle the data of resource for doing the task

  • Parts Used
  • Parts Description
  • Quantity
  • Location

JDI handles the data of resources for doing the task. It maintains a clear record of parts used in doing the task. It records parts used, parts description, the number of parts and Location of the parts used in solving the task.

  • Providing accurate, up-to-date and complete information about the resources used in doing the task.
  • Quick access to the data.
  • Sharing the information quickly.
  • Improved efficiency in doing the task.
  • Reduced cost through decreased paperwork.
Finding the Root cause and faults

Finding the Root cause and faults

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Fault Analysis

JDI helps to find out the real cause of the issue and taking action to prevent reoccurrence. Repeated problems are a source of waste and identifying the issue and taking the necessary step to prevent its recurrence and to maintain a healthy working condition.

  • Identify the real cause and taking actions to avoid reoccurrence.
  • Improved Health and safety measures.
  • Enhanced quality control system.
  • Failure analysis.
  • Continuous Improvement.
Work status and Timeline

Work status and Timeline

  • Handover Section
  • Work status
  • Timeline

JDI provides helps us with the complete status of the current task. There is an option to mention the status of the task. If the task is completed we can give notification to admin as the task is completed or as pending, ongoing, can assign it to another employee in the next shift and the assigned employee can complete the task in the upcoming shift.

The timeline section in JDI shows the chronological sequence of the actions that occurred while doing the task.

  • Employee work status.
  • List all activities involved in doing the task.
  • Live Tracking of activities
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